We have helped many clients with their health care needs and specialize in treating the impacts of Lymphoedema.

Using thorough assessment to determine your needs we give focussed treatment to empower you to reach your goals.

Your tailored program will include simple exercises, manual therapies and self-care strategies to make noticeable progress towards your goals.

I work closely with your medical team – doctors and other professionals – to ensure you get the best possible service we can offer.

Lymphoedema and Wound Care

Treatment for Lymphoedema and Lipoedema can improve your outcomes post surgery. As a member of the Australian Lymphology Association (ALA) we have advanced training and experience working with lymphoedema in all parts of the body. We can provide an effective treatment for your needs and can have a significant improvement on your quality of life. Click here for more information about the ALA

Here is an informative ABC Health article about Lipoedema: This is not skin-deep

McKenzie Therapy

The McKenzie approach has been shown to be time and cost effective in the treatment of pain, injuries, weakness, or disability. Click here to see how we use McKenzie Therapy to help you or for information on McKenzie or click here to visit the McKenzie website